Properly Configured Club Trax Is A Robust POS System Designed To
Detect Manager And Employee Theft.
Any Employee Or Manager Protesting The Installation Of Club Trax
Is Probably Stealing Or Giving Away Thousands Of Dollars In Lost Sales.

ANDY GROVE FOUNDER CEO INTEL CORP:  "You can't manage what you can't measure"  
Owners:  ClubTrax is a robust POS system designed to track theft, waste and lost profits.  
Do not waste your money on installing ClubTrax unless you are passionate about every dollar  
hitting the cash register.  WARNING:  Do not install ClubTrax without a digital or rotary turn style  
customer counting system that tracks customer coming in and going out and re-enters.  
Answer the following questions.   Check Yes or No Yes   No
Do you have a deep menu POS system installed that tracks all sales channels with detailed reports?   X
Do you have written policies and procedures to combat employee and managers theft?   X
Are your theft polices derived from verifiable forensic accounting data pulled from your POS?   X
Do you have real time daily, monthly, quarterly spreadsheet analytics of you K.P.I. key profit indicators?   X
DOOR    Lost revenue from the door theft is rampant in most strip clubs  
Do you have a customer door counter system?  Mandatory to detect theft using ClubTrax   X
Do you understand why accurate customer counts are the foundation for trend line statistical analysis?   X
Do you know how many customers paid to get in your club on a daily monthly yearly basis?   X
Do you know how many customers get in for free and why?  Are they big spenders or just friends?   X
Do you know what customers deserve a VIP card based on their purchases?   X
Do you know what your average customer ticket is?  Is it going up or down - why?   X
BEVERAGE     Your pour cost should be in  12% - 17%  not 19% -25%    
Do you have a spreadsheet analysis to breakdown cost, pricing and profit margin for each drink?   X
Inventory Variance - Price Parity Analysis - First in First Out Inventory Control - Dead Inventory    X
Are your par sheets for inventory purchased correctly organized and check reguarly?   X
Comps Control Policy (Free Drinks)  - Over Pouring - High Spillage - Brand Duplication Waste   X
Do you understand the impact on profit margins glassware size and type can make?  Ice cube size?   X
Do you know why you a charging a specific amount for drinks?  What's the cost/profit analysis?   X
Do you allow incremental pricing .25 - .50 cents in your pricing?   NO - Your losing BIG MONEY!!   X
Do you know the profit margins difference of pouring - 1.25 oz.  - 1.50 oz. - 2 oz.  NO-Losing Big Money?   X
Can you track every individual champagne and bottle sale 24/7  365  Clubtrax can!   X
Do you know how much Red Bull, soft drinks, and bottled water you are giving away to staff and customers   X
Do you do beer inventory every night?  No - your losing beer sales from theft and bartender freebies!   X
Old School Manager Talk "Were A High Volume Sales Club No Need To Analyze Net Profit Margins"  
HOUSE FEES   Manager / Owner Favoritism For Not Charging "Pet" Dancers Is Common = Lost Revenue    
Are you house fees tracked on your POS system to detect uncollected fees and manager skimming.   X
Clubtrax logs dancers in/out and tracks all dancer, room and dance fees easy - fraud detection.   X
DANCES - ROOMS  This unrecorded  income is commonly ripped off viq kickbacks to floor men managers  
Are single dances and rooms entered in your POS?  What checks and balances do you have for theft?   X
Not tracking dance revenue through your POS system allows for massive theft and no accurate  
records to protect against minimum wage lawsuits.  
Do all your promotional products have a separate POS entry menu button for forensic tracking?   X
Do you really know you cost/profit margins or your promotions?  How much profit are you losing?   X
Old school promo talk "We need asses in the seats - so we need to give away the door and bar"   X
Do your managers know the promotional break even 1:3 math rule?  I have yet to meet one!   X
Most strip clubs are owned and operated by individuals with little or no college level degrees in   
hospitality management, accounting,  or business financial analysis.  
The management culture of this industry is built on the gross sales "front end"  keep the party going  
concept with little to zero focus on "back end" analytics.  This myopic approch to stip club mangement  
flushes massive amounts of "lost net profits" down the toilet or into the pockets of dishonest employees.